I am fascinated by people who are 'too much'; dream too big, aim too high, talk too fast, and want too much. I feel ya. I'm excited to connect with anyone who has a strong sense of being on a mission, and I love watching the magic unfold as they step into their power and create incredible things.


I started coaching in 2015. Originally a social scientist, I've studied psychology, philosophy, Buddhism, life coaching, Reiki, Hinduism, Structural Integration, Non-dual Tantra and Yoga. My dream to become a therapist quickly evaporated when I picked up a course in metaphysics and I realized that my passion for asking deep questions is much deeper than my desire to provide answers. I love being a coach with all my heart and I am still in awe with the profound and rapid transformation it can bring forth. I'm the coordinator of the Coaching Network at a community for gifted people called InterGifted and run a support group for other life coaches.


I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and I've lived and taught in Vlissingen (the Netherlands), Granada (Spain), Saigon (Vietnam), the US Midwest, and currently Santa Monica, California. I've traveled all over the world from Central-America to North-Africa to South-East Asia, and the more I traveled, the more I realized that happiness, freedom, and abundance are things that you can create for yourself.


Some random things about me:


  • My husband moved in with me 3 days after we met.
  • I have an injury in my right foot, which is why you'll always see me in barefoot/minimal shoes like Vibrams. Even when I'm wearing a suit.
  • I have a secret crush on Ram Dass -- or, more specifically, on his voice from the '70's audio recordings.
  • I love writing just as much as I hate it.
  • I once had a total no-self experience which changed everything.
  • I've had over 20 coaches and teachers in the past 2 years and I've learned so much that I'm eternally grateful to them.
  • I once spent weeks trying to get into the most prestigious university of South-Korea, but by the time I finally got news that I got in, I didn't want to go anymore.
  • I still have one of my baby teeth. I just hope it'll never fall out.
  • Supermarkets exhaust me.
  • I'm excited to get out of bed in the morning because of my amazing clients.
  • I really don't like being told what to do. Good thing I'm self-employed.


“Rikky’s articles on omniwonder always hit home for me. I find that she encourages me to dive deep into self-analysis and I always learn new things about myself. Her dedication to love is unprecedented. What I enjoy most is that she reminds us that this working on ourselves can be fun, something I don’t often come across. Very uplifting and inspiring. Thank you Rikky” — JM