Money & Spirituality, and your mission in this revolution of global awakening.

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My clients sometimes struggle with bridging the worlds of spirituality and business. They have bold and brilliant ideas about saving the planet, but cringe around the idea of making their mission something they can live off. For example, Jade, who’s name I’m sure you’ll hear much of in the future, has the plan to completely change the way we live by “redesigning every facet of modern human life to create a new standard for living that is radically sustainable, accessible, … Read More

This is what I believe.

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When I just started my blog, a dear friend of mine recommended me to write a ‘this is what I believe’-article, because they’re so powerful. It scared me, because I wasn’t really sure what I believed. The idea to permanently (as far as blogging is permanent) commit to a set of ideas freaked me out. But that was before I had my experience.   Since my experience, which I’ll reveal to you in a bit, I’ve been dying to tell … Read More

Why I stopped caring about being gifted.

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I found out that I’m gifted at a quite unfortunate time. It was right after I had moved to the U.S. last year. The reason that I consider this unfortunate is not just because I missed out on a decade of potential gifted education and a lifetime of understanding myself better.   It’s because moving to the States was already hard enough.   When my husband’s request for a residency permit in my home country of the Netherlands was denied, we … Read More

On living a life dedicated to personal growth.

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  In between two sobs of absolute misery during my short but sudden depression as a teenager, I wailed at my mom for help. Finally frustrated with my laying-on-the-couch feeling-sorry-for-myself era of apathy, she lost it and snapped that she couldn’t fix me.   I was dumb-founded.   She can’t fix me? …   That sudden moment of crickets was an oasis of quietude after all the self-destructive anxious thoughts that had been swirling around in my head. I felt … Read More

I’m on a mission: on the power of surrender to find your purpose.

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  I’m on a mission. I’ve always known I was meant to do something important. When I was younger, I simply thought I was going to be very successful. Now I know I’m meant to do something greatly important for the world. And the longer I think about that, the more I realize that that however motivating it is, it doesn’t make me unique. I assume every single person has at it’s highest purpose something that greatly benefits the world, … Read More

The Journey Within: the discovery of spirituality.

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I went through life mostly skeptical about spirituality. There was no god up in the sky, religion was stupid, and I definitely wasn’t divine myself. I remember those times when my mom told me ‘it happened for a reason’ or ‘it had to happen, you see?’. In the beginning I interpreted it as ‘it turned out okay’, but when I understood how seriously she meant it, I thought it was a little silly. I didn’t want my bad luck to … Read More

Going with the Flow of Life

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There is a continuous balance between your external and internal phase, or doing and being, or your yin and your yang. I often feel it as an ongoing switch between me being either in Student-mode or in Teacher-mode. Last year I started living more in sync with nature’s cycles; I took a long holiday to ‘hibernate’ in December, I’m naturally syncing my menstruation with the phases of the moon, and I made Spring my time for new beginnings with omniwonder.   The more I’m … Read More

The Good, the Bad, and the Balance of Giftedness

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Every intensity, or ‘overexcitability’, associated with giftedness is not necessarily negative or positive in itself. Many people who evaluate their traits, however, see them strictly as negatives or even weaknesses. I don’t just believe that all have their good sides, I also believe it’s important to know these sides and develop them into valuable strengths. It’s much easier to see your imperfections than your strengths, so I made an overview of the 5 overexcitabilities and how they can be both positive, negative, and neutral. … Read More

Growing up Gifted: a personal story

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Following my interview with Jo last week, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to go deeper into the story of growing up gifted. Of the three words that perfectly describe a gifted person; intense, complex, and driven, my intensity has always been the biggest struggle. I have painful memories at the dinner table being told to talk less or at least talk slower. It was said with love, but it hurt, because of my burning desire to share an idea or … Read More

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