Rikky Maas omniwonder coaching

You’re on a mission.


You have a dream and you know deep down that you were meant to do something important. And even though you've taken steps, you know you're not even close to living up to your full potential yet. You have a history of creating your own reality, achieving incredible results, and doing so seemingly effortlessly. Your dreams are so big you may have never even talked about the full extent of it to anyone. You feel you're meant to greatly contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and/or its people, and maybe even want to make an impact on a worldwide stage. You are the change-makers in this global awakening, the gatekeepers to the future, the leaders of the new world.


You feel like you're meant to do great things. I think you feel this way for a reason. Are you ready to live up to who you truly are? Are you ready for a life of exponential growth and extraordinary achievement?


This is your-life-will-never-be-the-same-again kind of stuff.


There is an existential loneliness that my clients often feel before they start working with me. Maybe you've never even met others just like you. I understand your intensity, your drive, your passion, your power. Yet you are even more powerful than you realize. Deep down you know you could be doing so much more. And at the same time there's the fear of overwhelm if you were to step into your power. I'm here to guide you through it all and keep you on track with your purpose and your vision.


I will help you dream bigger than you ever thought possible.


You show up and hold nothing back, and I do the same. Sometimes this journey will be exciting, fun, and celebratory, sometimes it will be scary, uncomfortable, and challenging. And I will be there through it all. I will guide you to even bigger victories, and push you even further out of your comfort zone. You will be bigger than you've ever been before.


I don't hold you accountable. If you're not excited enough about your dream to actually put in the work, you haven't found your true purpose yet.


I believe in you.


Coaching with me is a tailor-made, intense, and deeply transformational journey. I work mostly by invitation and referral only, but I do accept the occasional application. Email me if you'd like to talk.


Coaching is very deep and powerful. This doesn't mean every session necessarily needs to be intense, but I do need you to be willing to explore the edge of your comfort zone, as that's where the magic happens. This is a big commitment to embark on a profoundly transformational journey. And I can't just do that with anyone. I need to be sure you're a perfect fit, and I need to be sure you're ready. My coaching isn't for people who feel average and prefer to stay small. So before we talk about working together, let's see if we're a good fit. Meet me for a deep and powerful coaching conversation by phone, in which we'll dive deep. And then we'll see. Maybe that one session was all you needed to sort it out. I can't wait to meet you and hear about your dreams.


If I think we can create magic together, we will work together for 6-12 months, after that we can renew. Anything shorter is not enough to create profound transformation. Our coaching relationship will be uniquely tailored to your mission and is done one-on-one over the phone or via Skype.


You are ...

  • Someone who wakes up in the morning feeling like you're meant to do something extraordinary with your life. 
  • A visionary with BIG dreams for your future and that of the planet.
  • Someone with a track record of exponential growth.
  • Highly creative, deeply intuitive, and beautifully sensitive.
  • A bold action taker who's willing to dive head-first into a new adventure.
  • A gifted problem-solver and driven perfectionist.
  • Misunderstood as 'too much', 'too intense', or 'too ahead of yourself'.
  • ... ready to step into your power.