[webinar] How to Create Clients without Marketing

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Do you think you have to spend all of your time on marketing, trying to ‘attract clients’, luring people onto your mailing list, tweaking your website, creating content that will hopefully give you more page views, pressing business cards into the hands of total strangers at exhausting networking events? YOU DON'T! It's possible to have a thriving, 6-figure business without ever doing any marketing. You can simply spend all of your time simply doing what you love: helping people. You do this by focussing on one relationship at a time, serving at your highest potential, and creating fun connections with people that inspire you.

For just a couple of days in June I'm sharing the recording of my workshop here to celebrate the successes of those who attended. Matt just had his second $20k month in a row with his coaching business. Another client of mine, Sarah, just raised her prices from ‎£400 to ‎£10,000 for one of her packages. And Elise, a visual artist, who joined me in one of the workshops and is currently in my bootcamp, is creating her location independent business so she can travel anywhere in the world while working very minimally. Isn't that amazing? You can watch it for free below while it's up. Download and print the accompanying workbook here.

In this 90-min workshop I’ll teach you:

  • the three Foundation Questions you need to ask yourself everyday to be successful while staying aligned to your purpose and your passion.
  • You’ll create your unique Connection Strategy so that you can create clients in a way that feels good and authentic to you.
  • You'll craft your own Powerful Offer that will blow people away, and
  • Your personal Celebration Plan to make sure your entrepreneurial journey stays fun.

Time Breakdown:

03:02 my story
21:25 the business model
23:12 CONNECT: Create your Connection Strategy
33:33 spot coaching: David
40:38 SERVE: Craft your Powerful Offer
49:18 spot coaching: Neli
01:01:55 spiritual alignment
01:05:05 my secret sauce and the difference between high and low-level coaching
01:10:54 PROPOSE: on fees, money & value
01:26:46 why this model is so great

- "Rikky -- I just had my best month EVER with my business!"
-"WOW that changed the way I think about getting clients completely. I can do this!!!"
- "Rikky, that was great, I'm totally pumped now and excited to do this!"




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