[webinar] How to Grow your Coaching Practice

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In this workshop I'll show you how I went from struggling coach to fully booked. In my first year as a coach, I made less than $9000 in the entire year. Now, I charge $16k-$48k for my coaching packages and I frequently have a waiting list. To get where I am today, I tried EVERYTHING:

I blogged, I spent money on facebook ads, I did workshops both online and in person, and I offered online courses. I tried to grow my Instagram following, I created a Facebook group, I went to networking events, I joined toastmasters, and I hired coaches and joined group programs. I created my brand, 'found my voice', designed a website, and had a professional photoshoot. I grew an email list, crafted newsletters, did surveys, and even put up flyers around town.

Most of these things didn't work. In fact, out of everything I did, there were only two things that really made an impact. They made a big difference, and did so quickly. If you know me, you know that inefficiency gets on my nerves, so I decided to show you exactly what worked for me so you don't have to try everything out yourself. I'll show you which two avenues are really worth your time and effort and get you booked fast.


In this free 90-min workshop you’ll learn

  • the two MOST effective things I did to grow my practice quickly
  • how to get yourself booked from the beginning
  • how to create a community of people who resonate with your mission
  • how to become a thought-leader by speaking your truth

Time Breakdown:

03:47 my story
08:55 find your why
18:39 1: how to get BOOKED
45:09 2: how to create COMMUNITY
01:01:00 bonus: get a coach!
01:06:30 biggest insights from this workshop
01:22:15 PSA's: my Facebook groups, THRIVE, and the next free workshop


→ To get the most out of this webinar, watch this one on the 3-step model first: How to Create Clients without Marketing




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  1. David Bellach
    | Reply

    Create community. Will contribute to my group online with servitude freely.

  2. Mandy
    | Reply

    Hi Rikky, I’m excited and ready to tune in on Saturday to your workshop. Hugs, Mandy

  3. Julie Dubuc
    | Reply

    Hi Rikky! Can’t wait to hear your presentation!

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