Mission & Vision


I started omniwonder in 2015, dedicated to guiding individuals on their path of self-realization. Most of all I wish to inspire people to allow themselves to take their spiritual calling seriously. I believe raising your level of consciousness is the most important thing you can do, both for yourself and for the world. Ten years from now, I hope personal growth is no longer seen as a tool to be a better person or to achieve more, but as the most essential mission in one’s life.


I am committed to a life of spiritual growth, and I share what I learn along the way. Offerings are mostly on demand: I design workshops and courses around topics and questions that are recurring among my coaching clients. To make sure these teachings are available to anyone, prices can always be adjusted for clients with financial difficulty.


As stated above, I pass on what I’ve learned from my own journey, and therefore consider myself a channel for teachings ranging from various religions to recent scientific research. I have been mostly inspired by Kashimir Shaivism/Non-dual Shaiva Tantra, Dzogchen Buddhism, Vedanta philosophy, and bhakti and nada yoga, and have been originally introduced to this world by Alan Watts and Ram Dass. I by no means see “my truth” as the one and only truth, and will never pretend to have it all figured out. A fiery curiosity for as long as I can remember encouraged by a glimpse of awakening led me naturally to my ‘pursuit’ of enlightenment. I have started this work with omniwonder as a logical consequence of living a life of study, as I believe that every teacher is born out of a passionate student. I am still always student first, teacher second.


I believe that the world is waking up and that we’re globally reaching higher levels of consciousness. And I believe it is my dharma to contribute to this awakening and I try to do so gratefully, courageously, and selflessly.