Money & Spirituality, and your mission in this revolution of global awakening.

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My clients sometimes struggle with bridging the worlds of spirituality and business. They have bold and brilliant ideas about saving the planet, but cringe around the idea of making their mission something they can live off. For example, Jade, who's name I'm sure you'll hear much of in the future, has the plan to completely change the way we live by "redesigning every facet of modern human life to create a new standard for living that is radically sustainable, accessible, enriching, and fosters community." Her heart is full of passion and I believe she can change the fate of the Earth, but when we first talked, she hadn’t thought about how she could make her dream sustainable yet.

*read more about Jade’s GoFundMe campaign here and help her out with this 


Entrepreneurship and the inner journey often seem to be two strangers living on different planets. But besides the fact that I believe that that metaphysically doesn't add up, wouldn't it also makes sense that the ones who give the most are able to receive in return?


I struggled with this limiting belief for a long time as well. For my entire first year as a coach for example, I grossly undercharged. And I was proud of it. I thought it was noble. I didn't realize I wasn't doing anyone a great service.


Because I knew I offered something valuable, I felt I had to make sure my coaching was as cheap as possible. I wanted anyone to be able to afford me.


After I while I started to see why this didn't manke any sense. My martyr-like pretend-generosity led me to constantly need a ton of clients in order to get by. Which meant I was forever chasing prospects. I wasn't focussed on helping people or on making a difference. I was trying to survive.


Another thing I didn't realize until much later, was that I made my services look less valuable by charging so little. Amir Karkouti says "a coach for cheap is a cheap coach”, and I made my ability to completely transform lives look as if it was worth just as much as an Ikea nightstand. Just for the perspective of value, you have to charge what you're worth.


For example, another powerhouse client of mine called Lorrin coaches corporate leaders at large corporations who are trying to move their business models towards more sustainable, eco-friendly, and even vegan standards. She's changing the way we consume on a grand scale. On a more meta-level, she's bringing people closer to mother Earth while protecting her fiercely. In order for her to be taken seriously and be able to do her work, she has to charge a strong fee at least equivalent to top-level corporate consultants.


Does that mean that people and businesses with a smaller budgets that need us are left out? No. The interesting thing is that now that I charge a premium price to the few people that are all in, I have to work a whole lot less, which gives me time I can spend on helping people for free. I do free book clubs, free bootcamps, free sessions and free workshops. I’m actually much more freely available now than I was when I charged $50 an hour, because now I’m able to give stuff away. And not just through omniwonder, I also have more time to volunteer and more resources to donate to charities.


Compare this giving mentality to the mindset I used to have when all I did was trying to get by.


Now why is this so important to me? Why do I want you to be okay with making good money with your passion?


The reason is this: If you're reading this, you probably have a gift. You have something unique to share with this world. And the planet needs your gift. We need you to step up and make a difference.


The time is now.


There’s a spiritual revolution going on in which people en masse have started to do things like yoga and mindfulness and learn about enlightenment and consciousness. And the people like you, who wake up feeling like they have something to give, that they can heal, that they can make an impact… You are the frontrunners of this revolution.


I’m honored to have ended up in a position in which I can guide people like you. So in a way I’m a coach because it’s a lot of fun and I'm passionately in love with this profession. But in a bigger way, I do this because I’m on a mission.


This is my job in the revolution. And I recognize your job in the revolution.


If there’s one thing that makes me sad it’s seeing a phenomenal healer, a powerful coach, a gifted artist or an inspirational change-maker without any clients. They don’t know how to get their amazing work in front of the right people. They don’t know how to market themselves in a way that’s authentic to them. Or because they don’t know how to talk about their businesses because they feel like an imposter. Or just because they don’t know how to charge in a way that's sustainable. Or… because they believe you can’t have it all in life (why the fuck not?!).


I want to change that.


One of the key factors that makes our current awakening a true revolution on a global scale is that spirituality is becoming normal. The deep, profound quest of the inner journey used to be something exclusively available to the nuns and monks who retreated to the mountains or the monastaries. Now, we read The Power of Now on the bus, raise our vibration before we get on a conference call, and do esoteric breathing exercises in the yoga studio after work.


Spirituality is no longer something for the priest class, for the extremely dedicated, or for the chosen few. It's something that's rapidly awakening in everyone.


What a time to be alive.


That's what makes it a revolution. The boundaries between spiritual and worldly life are starting to melt as we integrate our newfound deeper truths with our everyday reality. Which also means that it's time to embrace the divinity in our entrepreneurship, and concurrently, the business side of living and teaching spirituality.


And one of the ways to do that is to charge a fee that sustains your business, enables you to serve at the level you're meant to, and allows you to change the world.


So stop messing around, and start taking yourself seriously.


If you need more help with finding clients, see my webinar on How to get Clients without Marketing




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