"Rikky is highly intuitive and connected, always brings out my inner potential and makes me smile. I have had a business-card with the word coach on it for over 10 years, but I didn't coach. At least not powerfully, not with permission and especially not for money. After the second session with Rikky, my first ever client payed in full for 6 months of coaching in advance. FIVE FIGURES! I couldn't believe it. I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed and recommend her service to everyone who is ready to boldly steer towards self realization and abundance.” — Dr. Alexander Monas, extraordinary coach. 


"A one-hour talk with Rikky CHANGED MY LIFE COMPLETELY.  Before speaking to Rikky, my perception of my current life situation was that I was "down on my luck" or "in a tough phase", which would often times lead me into a negative loop of questions like "why me?", "what am I doing wrong?", "Is this how my life is meant to be?"  Rikky gave me the tools and guidance to do exactly what I needed. Connect to my heart and intuition.  Because of Rikky's coaching, I have since been able to let go of the ego, and listen to my heart and intuition.  This lead me to realize that all my perceived "downfalls" are actually tremendous blessings and happened/are happening for very good reasons.  Since our first meeting there has been a series of jaw dropping events that is leading me down a life changing experience for the better. If Rikky never came into my life I would have never opened myself up to connect the dots and understand why certain things happen.  Once you can do this you put yourself in a position to receive the worlds blessings and bathe in its abundance. Anyone who has the privileged of working with Rikky should consider themselves truly blessed. I know I do!" — Pierre Oltean, founder and CEO of Cafe Indigo.


"I’d met Rikky only once before and just 2 hours before our second coaching session, my relationship of 3.5 years began imploding. I joined the session with Rikky and was feeling extremely upset, full of grief and confused about what to do next. Rikky is a very special person - she helped me get out of my logical brain (that was fried by 'ifs' and ‘buts’) and she led me to my heart. Everything shifted. Of course my relationship is still in uncertain difficult waters - but how I see it ALL has shifted. I have a powerful sense that I’m going to be OK whatever happens. People say you find the most out about a person when things get rough. And I feel able to be the truly loving partner I want to be even in this sea of difficult emotions. And thats a lot thanks to Rikky. Whatever your grappling with - getting to the ‘heart’ of the matter is a game-changer - and Rikky can take you there.” — Matthew Cooksey, coach and public speaker.


"It is one thing to have a gift; it is something else to know how to use it. Rikky powerfully guided me to reconnect to this part of myself and helped me integrate it into my daily life. I loved discovering that I am able to communicate with my intuition, that it is my friend and can be my companion along the day. I loved the simple, soft and fun ways in which Rikky helped me to notice and trust; her expertise and experience are an incredible support to us all.” — Gabrielle O.


"I am really impressed with Rikky’s insights and instincts when it comes to coaching gifted individuals. She uses her own experiences in such honest and open ways, allowing others the space to explore themselves in a warm and accepting environment. She is genuine and leads by example through her authenticity and openness. When you speak with her, you know that you are not only being heard, but that you will walk away with a new and unexpected insight about yourself and the world around you.” — Sandra Pfluger


“Rikky is like a fresh breeze of energy and curiousness that is positively contagious. She quickly grasps issues and immediately focuses on action, on helping you advance in your direction. She is a in this life with an intrepid spirit ready to venture with you where your path is leading you!” — Amy Schief


"Rikky is a catalyst. Whether you are looking to grow professionally, personally, or spiritually, Rikky will provide you with transformative insights and tools that unlock your potential. Plus, she's a lot of fun to work with!" — Eric Windhorst


"Rikky is incredibly humble and uncomplicated and deeply committed to helping people in a way that makes sense to them.” — Gary Bartlett, founder of Prodsol 


"Rikky is a pleasure to work with. She is contagiously optimistic, has a high level of skill and great depth of knowledge in all things coaching, so it's almost impossible to walk away from a conversation without both feeling better and having actionable steps to take to improve your life. After only two sessions, I was able to discover and reverse some issues that have been holding me back for years, and I am enthusiastically working on the next steps in my life development. I would wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to start moving forward with their life!" — Joe Svetz