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Why I stopped caring about being gifted.

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I found out that I’m gifted at a quite unfortunate time. It was right after I had moved to the U.S. last year. The reason that I consider this unfortunate is not just because I missed out on a decade of potential gifted education and a lifetime of understanding myself better.   It’s because moving to the States was already hard enough.   When my husband’s request for a residency permit in my home country of the Netherlands was denied, we … Read More

Growing up Gifted: a personal story

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Following my interview with Jo last week, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to go deeper into the story of growing up gifted. Of the three words that perfectly describe a gifted person; intense, complex, and driven, my intensity has always been the biggest struggle. I have painful memories at the dinner table being told to talk less or at least talk slower. It was said with love, but it hurt, because of my burning desire to share an idea or … Read More