Why unfinished projects are so valuable.

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It seems as if nowadays everybody can get rich with whatever he or she finds interesting. Most blogs and self-help books claim to show you the roads to great success. They advertise the fastest, easiest ways to achieving your goal. But what is your goal? What if you’re not interested in something long enough to become successful with it? Sometimes my ideas lead to businesses, certifications or other forms of recognized accomplishment. Most of the time, however, they are left unfinished. I lose motivation, drop … Read More

A wonderer’s lack of identity.

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Living in the U.S., I am often confronted with ‘What do you do?’, which seems to have become synonymous with ‘Who are you?’. I am never quite sure how to answer this question. I understand they are inquiring specifically about what I do for a living, but I am not my job. I have never had a job title that gave a good overview of what truly occupied me at the time. So, easy, you say. Just answer with what you do besides your … Read More