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You're a great coach.



And you want to become even better. You're ready to take your practice to the next level. 

You're driven by a desire to change the world, but also by a desire to live a life of freedom. You like to break the rules and play your own game. You crave deep conversations with inspiring people. You have a mission that seems bigger than anyone else's, or you're ready for it. You're a powerful visionary who can not just see the horizon, but look just past it.

You long for a group of inspiring friends, freedom to express yourself, and financial abundance to support yourself and others. You’re creative, inventive and a talented problem-solver. You’re not afraid to take action. You get bored quickly and wish to live an exciting, adventurous life that’s deeply meaningful to you. You want to be intellectually challenged and emotionally fulfilled. You’ve read the Prosperous Coach and want to implements its ideas and fully live its prosperity. You want to be able to live off your skill and your creativity. You want to be paid for being you. 

It's hard to do this alone.

My entire first year in business was a struggle. I had no idea how to market myself, how to 'attract' clients, or how to even talk about what I do without feeling salesy. My practice failed to take off, until I read the Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler. I hired Christina Berkley as my coach, who has trained with both of them directly, I joined her group and everything changed. 
My business finally took off and I stopped worrying about marketing altogether. Instead, I applied what I learned in the book and started creating clients by focusing on one relationship at a time. It became so much fun, and I finally felt like I could serve at my highest potential. Instead of always struggling to find clients and coming from a mindset of scarcity, I now ask myself everyday 'Who would I LOVE to talk to?', 'Who can I serve today?' and 'How can offer my gift in a way that blows people away?' I live by the mantra of CONNECT - SERVE - PROPOSE.
This can be you, too. 

I see how special you really are.

That's why I created THRIVE. 
THRIVE is my 6-month group coaching program, specifically designed for you. It’s hard enough to create a thriving practice, so there's no need to do it alone. You can be in a group of peers who are there for you, who celebrate successes and support you through your struggles, and who you can connect with every day. You can learn from others who share your vision and your passion, and who can lift you up even further by bringing their unique insights and wisdom to the group. You'll study together, grow together, thrive together. You'll get:
omniwonder rikky maas thrive
  • A mastermind group of extraordinary coaches just like you.
  • Two powerful 2-hour group coaching sessions a month.
  • One-on-one deep coaching sessions with me throughout the program when needed.
  • Peer-coaching, session analyzation, and other deep skill-building tools.
  • The feeling of belonging to a committed, loving, and supporting team.
  • Powerful challenges and fun exercises to stretch beyond your current limits and grow exponentially.
  • An online group to keep us all connected, so that you can easily find support and inspiration.


This is not a “cookie cutter”, one-size-fits-all program. This is deep, lasting, powerful coaching. And I can't do that with just anybody. 


I work with:

  • Extraordinary coaches who are willing to dream BIG.
  • People who are deeply passionate about what they do, and come from a place of wanting to serve.
  • People who are willing to take action, invest in themselves and in their dream, and aren't afraid to try new things.
  • People who inspire me. 


I created THRIVE because I’ve figured things out that really work and I’m so excited to pass them on to you. So, if you are ready to join a group of extraordinary peers, step up to your full potential, challenge yourself and serve your ass off, I am ready to devote my time, my focus, and my energy to show you everything I know. Now it’s your turn to reach out. I only accept 5 people for this special program and we're starting end October, so you must act soon. If you know that you’re ready to invest time, money, energy, and most importantly your love and passion or you want to find out, submit your application today. I'm looking forward to meeting you.






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