What is Giftedness?

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When people hear the term gifted, they often think that it only has something to do with high intelligence. And, since it’s not accepted to pride yourself on intelligence in our society, they dismiss the idea right away. This is a shame, because having an understanding of your true nature is incredibly important if you want to live a fulfilling life. Giftedness shows itself in intensities, or ‘overexcitabilities’ as they’re called, in some or all of the following 5 areas:

Intellectual – Profound curiosity, love of knowledge and learning, love of problem solving, keen observation, reflective thought, introspection, avid reading, sustained intellectual effort, love of theory and analysis, and independent thinking.
Emotional – Depth and intensity of emotional feelings and relational attachments, wide range of complex emotions, strong memory for feelings, high concern for others, heightened sense of right and wrong, empathy, responsibility, and self-examination.
Imaginational – Detailed visualization, vivid dreams, love of fantasy, creativity, inventions, love of music and art, good sense of humor, preference for the unusual and unique.
Sensual – High sensitivity to visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, or tactile stimulus.  Appreciation of beauty, need for desire or comfort.
Psychomotor – Surplus of energy (intern or extern), such as intense physical activity, competitiveness, rapid speech, restlessness, nervous habits and tics, and impulsiveness. Preference for fast action.

This is the definition of giftedness as formulated by Polish psychologist, psychiatrist, and physician Dabrowski. To find out more about his work and research, check out the book Living with Intensity. For my personal views and experiences with giftedness, check out my following posts:

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